Pallets and gitter boxes
Pallets and gitter boxes Pallets and gitter boxes

Pallets and gitter boxes

Purchase, sale and repair of Euro pallets. Purchase and sale of gitter boxes. We purchase and sell Euro pallets and gitter boxes 24hrs a day. Pallets and gitter boxes - West and Central Bohemia.

Our company entered the pallet market in 2006.

In July of that year we opened a branch on Domazlicka street in Pilsen for the purchase of used Euro pallets. This soon became known as “the barriers” as it is next to a railway crossing. This branch soon became the largest purchaser of pallets in Pilsen. Exactly a year later, in July 2007, we opened a second branch for purchasing Euro pallets, which is located in Mýto along the D5 highway between Pilsen and Prague.

As we wanted to be as accommodating as possible for customers we have arranged our opening hours so that they can enjoy our services and load and unload pallets even outside normal business hours.

In Pilsen our business hours are Mon - Fri 06:00 - 22:00, Sat 07:00 - 13:00; in Mýto we are open non-stop from Monday to Friday! We have extensive storage space and our turnover of pallets is the largest in the Pilsen region, and I dare say also in West Bohemia.

We deal with a large number of companies in this country and abroad, such as Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland and the Netherlands. We supply both used and new pallets which are heat treated and fulfil the necessary standards including licences.

Our turnover of pallets places us among the largest companies trading in pallets, gitter boxes and KTP boxes. Our priority is customer satisfaction and our company is driven by this goal. Our company has good marketing visibility thanks to billboards, bridge adverts, as well as regional radio and television advertising.

Our aim is to be a stable and reliable partner for our customers by offering a professional approach and high standard of service. At each branch we have at least 2 modern forklift trucks and a sufficient number of qualified staff to ensure that customers are able to load and unload pallets with minimum possible delay.

We pay cash for pallets and our company has no trade debts or unpaid invoices. Repeat business is our reward for the service and convenience that we strive to provide to our customers. Both branches are well signposted so that our customers can easily find them, even at night.

Our facilities are floodlit for loading and unloading at night. The facilities are large enough for several lorries to manoeuvre at once. The sites have a hardened manoeuvring surface so they are safe for use in both the summer and winter months.

Pavel Kupka, company owner

phone: +420 777 155 563


Pallets and gitter boxes Pallets and gitter boxes Pallets and gitter boxes

Pallets and gitter boxes



Address: Domazlicka , 318 00 Plzen-Skvrnany
Mobil phone: +420 777 155 563
Fax: +420 371 585 377

Opening hours:
Pondelí - Pátek 6:00 - 22:00
Saturday 7:00 - 13:00


Address: Plzenská 866, 338 05 Mýto
(Exit 50 - highway D5)- exit
Mobil phone: +420 777 155 563

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday nonstop

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